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For sponsorship contact

Annie Harris - 01628 824330


To advertise in the programme contact

Suzi Linaker - suziearnshaw@gmail.com



For information on charities or stalls contact

Liz Barradell-Pither - 07802 962722


For general enquires or to lend a hand contact

Martin Fry (Chairman)- 01628 829905


For information on races and entries contact

Louise Vincent - louisevincent1@yahoo.co.uk





Martin Fry - Chairman

Suzi Linaker - Secretary

David Smith - Treasurer

David Burfitt

Richard Burfitt

Jerry Carter

Liz Barradell-Pither




Hurley Village Links

Peter Freebody (boat builder)

The Olde Bell Public House and Hotel

The River Thames Guide

The Rising Sun, Hurley

Hookies Barbers    

Hurley Riverside Park

Official Guide to the River Thames

The Crazy Fox Bed & Breakfast in Hurley

Farm and Caravan Park    



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