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Hurley Regatta Charities - 2013

19 November 2013

Regatta fun yields cash for Sequela Foundation

The Hurley Regatta Committee is donating £3,500 from the proceeds of this year's Regatta to support the work of the Sequela Foundation. Other donations are going to Windsor Lifeguards, Furze Platt Scouts, Hurley Care and Swan Lifeline bringing the total donated for the year to £4,350.

When making the donation to the charity at its Therapy Centre, Martin Fry, Hurley Regatta Chairman, said:
The Hurley Regatta Committee decided earlier in 2013 to select the Sequela Foundation to be the principal charity to be supported from the net proceeds of this year's Regatta. The charity operates from premises in White Waltham and provides therapy and other forms of support for those affected by neurological conditions such as MS, strokes, Parkinsons' disease and Alzheimers. We are pleased to be able to support the important work which the Foundation is undertaking within our local community

Although the weather on the day of the Regatta was disappointing and visitor numbers somewhat less than last year, were we were able to run a full programme of river-based competitions throughout the day as well as offering lots of other attractions within the Regatta field for the enjoyment of competitors and visitors alike.

Once again, we are indebted to our many helpers and those who support the Regatta by providing funding ahead of the event and so helping both underwrite our costs and swell the sum we are able to disburse to the charities.


  1. Donations to charitable causes in 2013 were:
    1. Sequela Foundation £3,500
    2. Windsor Lifeguards £350
    3. Hurley Care £175
    4. Furze Platt Scouts £250
    5. Swan Lifeline £75
    6. Total £4,350

Contacts for further information

Martin Fry (Regatta Chairman) 01628 829905 or 07712 534525
Colin Ames (Regatta Treasurer) 01628 825773
Pat Capp (Sequela Foundation) 01628 630453

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The amount we are able to donate each year is entirely dependant on the success of the Regatta. Some years major boat repairs or purchases, and other unforeseen expenses eat into our profit. So it is no small feat that we have always been able to donate a substantial amount to the chosen charity and for this we are continually grateful to our supporters, sponsors, competitors, spectators and helpers to whom we owe a big ‘thank you’.


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